Know Everything about the Integral Part of Your PC – Motherboard!

Learn about the Important Components and Features of Motherboard

Components are very necessary things that can define the quality of any device. Sincemotherboard is considered as the nervous system of any PC, we must gather the detailed information about its components and features. So, here are some of them.

Form Factor

Size has always been a Matter to discuss with priority. You may have taken the wrong decision on this aspect many times. In the example, you buy a small school bag for your son and that appears to be too small for him to carry books. Your headache gets double when doing such mistakes in case of the electronic device i.e. motherboards.

Here, you need to remember one particular aspect, the form factor. This indicates the size of your computer motherboard. You must purchase a board with the small form factor for a tiny computer setup and a board with thebigger form factor for large computer setup. In the second option, you’ll have comparatively more slots, components and execute crucial activities.


You must have a desire of possessing a motherboard with different kind of slots. Well, it’s quite natural that each board bears some vital slots like the RAM slot, PCI slot, MODEM slots, Graphics card slot etc. Here, you have to follow certain regulations like purchasing a motherboard with a DDR3 slot for a double data rate 3 type of memory and if you don’t find a PCI slot in your board, you can plug it in after taking the charge.

Know Everything about the Integral Part of Your PC – Motherboard!


In term of the components of themotherboard, the connectors occupy a special place. In the mobile phones or other electronic devices, you’ll find several connectors like the data cable port, audio connectors, microphone connectors etc. Similarly, the motherboard also comes with some crucial ports like internal and external USB ports, SATA port to connect internal devices, LED ports, audio ports,and switch connectors. Now, you can have an exclusive feature which is a USB 3.0 port for the graphics system connector.

CPU Socket and Chipset

Another thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing a computer motherboard is the CPU socket. Since the different processors require different sockets, this aspect can’t be overlooked. Not only the CPU sockets vary with the variable processors, but they also alter with the different versions of the same processor. What does that mean? Well, it means that the CPU socket that supports Intel i3 processor, may not collaborate with i5 or i7. You also need chipset for the board which will determine the speed of computer processors and the memory access.


It happens quite often that we face problems with the limited memory of our hard drives. This creates such issues that we can’t keep our favorite media files or documents all togetheron our drives. Well, the solution has come as some motherboards offer a special feature of keeping two hard drives simultaneously. You should use them as the independent discs to have the better performances.