Case Dismissed By Court

Case Dismissed By Court

A court in Manhattan dismissed a civil tax fraud case worth $250 million against Felix Sater, a Russian-American businessman, worth $250 million.

Sater is an old associate of President Donald Trump, and he is being prosecuted along with his real estate company, Bayrock. He is being prosecuted in a case which allows a whistleblower to file on the behalf of the state.

The supposed whistleblower for this particular case is a lawyer by the name of Fred Oberlander. He has represented Sater’s previous partner, Jody Kriss, in a suit against the real estate company involving money-laundering.

Oberlander confessed that he filed his suit based on information that was actually thrown out by the federal judges from the original complaint by Kriss, an attorney who was at the hearing.

According to the attorney, the argument did not go very well for Oberlander and it was evident that the complaint would be thrown out based on the fact that the information that Oberlander used was supposed to be kept completely confidential.

Sater and his lawyer (Robert Wolf) confirmed that the case was disregarded. The office of Attorney General Schneiderman would not meddle with the case in the previous year. He had sent a letter to New York Supreme Court that stated there was a misleading press release issued by Oberlaner. It had specified that Schneiderman had given the case the go ahead. The State, however, had declined to intervene.

The office of the attorney general stated that they would continue to monitor the case in the future. Sater’s lawyer said that the case was dismissed based on the merits over procedural grounds. He also noted that Oberlander and another lawyer, Richard Learner, had a case against Sater and had been transferred to the DOJ twice for criminal contempt.

The lawsuit against Sater and his company in 2010 by Jody Kriss, alleged that the real estate company was mostly mob-owned and operated in a pattern of crimes such as money laundering, conspiracy and such.

Kriss accused Sater and the founder of Bayrock, Tevfik Arif, of cheating him by way of fraud, racketeering, and money laundering. A New York judge ruled that the lawsuit could then proceed as a case about racketeering.

Case Dismissed By Court

According to Kriss, Sater and Arif started to make negotiations with the Trump Organization. In 2003 they proceeded to work under the brand of Trump but failed to make light of Sater’s shady past.

The Trump organization would not have agreed to the partnership had Trump and his organization known about the past of Sater. Trump has also said quite plainly that he would not be able to point out Sater if he were to be in the same room.

The office of the real estate company was previously two floors below the office of Trump in the Trump Tower building, and Trump and Sater allegedly has meetings every week.

According to Trump, it would be silly to not invest with Russia since according to him; it is a good place to invest.

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